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It's $/page, but how do you define one page?
There is no unusual spacing or formatting! All essays sold by EssayPage.Com contain an average of 225 words per page and are double spaced in standard Courier New 12pt font with one inch margins. We do not charge for partial pages and, of course, all bibliographies are free.

What forms of payment are accepted?
EssayPage accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover cards. We also accept cash payments from convenient stores around the world via Western Union's Quick Collect service (known as "Quick Pay" outside of the United States & Canada). Customers with more time to wait for an essay can also opt to remit payment by check or money order to our corporate address. Please visit our order form for complete details, options, & instructions.

How do I go about placing an order for multiple essays?
To order more than one essay at a time, you can choose to either complete one order form for each document you're like to receive, or--- you can select the "order" button from the top of our home page and then enter the file name of EACH essay you'd like to order in the file name slot of the blank order form that appears on your screen. For the 'number of pages' field, simply input the combined, total number of pages for all of the essays you're purchasing. If, for example, you are placing an order for a 5 page essay bearing the file name "essay1.wps" and a 4 page essay with the file name "essay2.wps," you could receive both titles with one order form by filling in the information as follows:

File Name :   paper1.wps, paper2.wps
No. of Pages : 9 pages


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