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How do I go about finding essays on this site?
Easily! Just enter a few short words describing your essay topic in any of our keyword search boxes (the one near the bottom of the current screen, for example!) OR click the appropriate button to return to our "home" page and select any of the dozens of essay subject categories shown there. Either method will provide you with a complete list of essays related to your topic. Each listing includes a complete abstract describing its essay's focus, primary subtopics, and number of sources cited. Order any essay by selecting the "send me" link included with each listing or write us an email requesting a free, one page excerpt before making a purchase.

Once I order an essay, how do I receive it?
Our order form provides you with three options: You can receive the essay you select via email, fax, Federal Express or any combination of the three! Delivery via email and/or fax takes only 6 hours and a 3 hour RUSH delivery feature is made available on-screen once your order has been processed! Federal Express is not quite as fast as its electronic counterparts but still generally requires only a day or two for delivery...

What makes the essays provided by EssayPage.Com so good?
Put simply, EssayPage is owned by The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., - one of the oldest and most respected names in essay and term paper assistance since 1994. Our enormous database of quality essays lists more than 20,000 titles with scholarly sources, innovative ideas, and sharp critical analysis. Moreover, EssayPage is one of the only services of its kind that is confident enough in our work to let prospective customers view free, one page excerpts from any of our essays before ordering! Since each of the tens of thousands of essays listed here were produced by our own company and not by students, we are able to boast proudly about their superior content, their high level of expertise, and of their usefulness to students writing essays. Not only do we believe so strongly in our essays, hundreds of thousands of students worldwide do so as well!!!


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